NightBushave dedicated their lives to making summer vacation last forever. Anthemic, uplifting, and infectious, NightBus songs are a Stax Record chopped up and blasted through an boombox amplifier.  With their glittering looks and glam hooks, NightBus are the house band from studio 54 entertaining the terrace at Space, Ibiza.

Singer and founder Jack Kennedy is a fixture in the Los Angeles music scene-- hosting a live variety show in Echo Park, traveling across the USA by Greyhound bus with a grant from and being a founding member in LA band Silversun Pickups and the house band the infamous Largo Comedy Night. While couch surfing in London, Jack was introduced to Hannah under the stipulation that he not fall in love with her. “I instantly fell in love with her voice.”  Hannah, who had started her career as a voice over artist and singing at open mics around London, immediately cut the outgoing message for Jack’s answering machine and began singing with him.

The name NightBus came from riding around London’s double-decker buses at night.  As Jack explains, “I kept all the songs we were writing on a playlist called ‘Nightbus.’ The name looked so great on the ipod screen it became the band's name.”

NightBus first single, "When the Night Comes,” is a unique sonic experience—two infectious singles in one. Taking note of the way two friends listen to music by sharing one set of earbuds, NightBus have come up with a new way to hear a song. The left and right tracks are 100% sonically different. When you listen on the left, you hear the song sung by Hannah backed by an electronic dance pop track; on the right, it's Jack’s pop-rock version of the same song-- not even the beat is the same! Yet, when you listen to both sides in conventional stereo, the songs mesh into another completely different, yet cohesive, song. Hence the name Stereo 3-Way, after the three distinct ways of hearing the track: Jack's version, Hannah's version, and stereo version. 

The video for "When The Night Comes" is a mind-blowing interactive experience. The split screen video allows viewers to slide left or right revealing more or less of each side, with the stereo balance being adjusted accordingly. Easter eggs are peppered throughout the video, allowing for each view to be completely different from the last. Produced in conjunction with Interlude, the company that recently brought the world the acclaimed interactive video for Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone,” Night Bus’ “When The Night Comes” interactive video is sure to suck you in for a long, long visit.

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