All Night feat Ish

27 May 2014

Regardless of your musical tastes or even your mood, it’s hard not to smile, move your body, and feel enveloped by positivity when you listen to “All Night,” the new single by Montreal based Pop/R&B artist Lukay.

With a powerfully fun and upbeat melody, “All Night” is lyrically a classic, classy pop song that leaves the meaning of the title up to the imagination of the listener. It solidifies Lukay as one of the bright lights on the Canadian pop songwriting scene – a reputation he had already begun to create with his masterful writing collaborations with other artists, including Juno-nominated R&B sensation Karl Wolf.

All of Lukay’s compositions show a rare grasp of combining old school sounds with modern sensibilities. His versatility and varied influences especially come to the forefront under his own banner, including previous singles “I’m In Love with Music,” and 2013’s hit “Dance with You.” A true entertainer, Lukay is preparing to share his high-energy, up-tempo live show with music lovers from coast to coast – he is “in love with music ready to dance with you….all night!”

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