"Never Can Tell"- Playing Chess

19 May 2017
We are proud to announce Elise LeGrow's single release, "You Never Can Tell" from her anticipated "Playing Chess" Album. Now streaming on Spotify and iTunes Canada.
When you finally give your ears the chance to dive into, "Playing Chess" you realize that "You Can Never Tell" is the  most  unexpected  musical  reinvention  on  the  album  has  to be Chuck  Berry's  "You Never  Can  Tell,"  which  blossoms  anew  here  as a  slow  burning,  stripped  down, vocal-and-guitar beauty. "The arrangement actually dates back to 1978, when I came across the lyrics in a book on rock history at the Israeli kibbutz where I was volunteering as a teenager," recounts Greenberg.  "Though  I’d  never  heard  the  actual  song,  I  thought  the  lyrics  were incredible.  Since  I  didn't  have  any  way  of  listening  to  the  record  at the  time, I just came up with my own melody to play the song around the campfire."
Forty years later, that intimate, folk-inspired version, with all its reverence for Berry's remarkable   way   with   words,   finally   comes   to   life   in   LeGrow's   heartrendingly bittersweet performance. Ultimately,  it's  those  consistently  spectacular  deliveries  that  make  the  album  such  a triumph.
LeGrow's voice combines fiery passion and sophisticated elegance, with just a hint of a rasp lurking beneath the surface to add a sandpapery grit to her silky vocals. It's the kind of voice that could belong to a star in any era. It's the kind of voice that could belong to a star  in any genre. It's the kind of voice  that  you're about to  fall in 

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