After 10 years behind the scenes of the music industry, Siff is finally showing herself as the performer and artist she really is.


Siff is a Danish platinum singer/songwriter living in LA who has been writing songs for artists like Alicia KeysMacy GrayOlivia HoltFelix Jaehn.


She’s got several top 1’s- 10’s and 20’s in the UK, Scandinavia and Japan. She’s been the vocal coach of stars like 5 Seconds of Summer and While She Sleeps.  Now she is stepping into the limelight herself.


Her raw, honest lyrics and her strong, emotional vocal delivery is what defines her best. Her artistry takes roots in her background as a dancer, her upbringing in the Scandinavian north and her leaping across the Atlantic in the pursuit of a bigger musical outlet.


Siff will release two singles “Healing & “My Luck”, leading into her debut album release in the fall. Siff is currently finalizing her debut project working with some of the world’s top producers and writers including Poo Bear (Justin Bieber/Eminem), Tommy Brown & Social House (Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Black Pink), The Audibles (Bieber), 9 am (Celine Dion), Jimmy Duvall (xxxtentacion), Oren Yoel (Miley Cyrus), Fernando Garibay (Sting/Drake) and Edgar Barrera (Shakira/Maluma).

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