‘Never,’ Dylan Sinclair feat. Joyce Wrice

On Nov. 3, R&B musician Dylan Sinclair surprised fans with four new songs, transforming his then EP, No Longer in the Suburbs, into a fully fledged (and fully satisfying) album. The new additions include an accomplished remix of “Open” featuring Destin Conrad and Jvck James, and this impossibly romantic duet with Joyce Wrice, the L.A.-based singing juggernaut whose recent collaborators include Lucky Daye and Kaytranada. “Never” opens with a hair-raising synthesizer lick that introduces a languorous beat and a round of “heys” before the chorus kicks in. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” Wrice begins stylishly, cueing a grainy acoustic guitar that joins her and Sinclair for the duration of their pillow talk. Individually, their voices fall easily on the ear; together, they’re simply adorable as they sing in unison, “I just wanna shut the world off, get lost, make up for the time we lost.” — Robert Rowat

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