Blue Hawaii, led by Raphaelle Standell and Agor “DJ Kirby” Cowan, unveils “Feelin’ Celebrated” in 2024—a club-ready masterpiece with faster tempos and trance-inspired beats. From the acclaimed “I Felt Love” to their Juno-nominated debut “Untogether,” Blue Hawaii’s journey through Tenderness, Open Reduction Internal Fixation, Under 1 House, and My Bestfriends House reflects a fusion of ’90s and 00s dance music while preserving their emotional core. Rooted in Montreal and Berlin, the duo invites you to join the celebration of their evolving sound in the dynamic landscape of 2024.

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Diamond Shovel Artwork

Blue Hawaii new tour dates

Diamond Shovel Artwork

Blue Hawaii release new single “Diamond Shovel” from forthcoming EP.

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