Toronto-based rapper DijahSB makes navigating synth loops, booming bass claps, and smoothed out production look easy. The rapper effortlessly glides across these soundscapes with lyrics that are as earnest and personal as they are agile and quick-witted. Inspirational without being preachy, their music is a raw look into the mind of a Black non-binary artist rapping their way through hope, heartbreak, and breakthroughs. Their sound, a small light pushing through dark cracks as the self-aware inner workings of an artist in a constant state of growth.


They count Kid Cudi, Pusha T, and Lupe Fiasco among their influencers, their music an ode to and embodiment of each of them in various ways. In Dijah, Push’s self-assured confidence stands firmly alongside Cudi’s radical vulnerability, punctuated by the endearing relatability of Fiasco. Ever earnest and open about their struggles with depression, their music serves as a balm; a friend baring battle scars that might serve to soothe your own.

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