An eclectic, forward thinking creative spirit is the essence of the fresh young star known as Quincy. An introspective soul with tender good looks and passionate internal energy, this youthful artist embodies the next generation of feel good, positive music. Maybe it’s the starry eyes, the smooth voice or the prince-like posture, but women can’t help but gravitate towards this young star. Born in Burlington Ontario, the 18-year-old writes R&B Soul music. His music draws influence from acts like Chris Brown and Bryson Tiller. In school, he moved around the rules at every turn and got away with it. Hall passes, late slips and detention weren’t part of his schedule as he charmed his way to years full of amusing plans. The Ferris Bueller of his school, he had anything and everything at his fingertips, yet he wasn’t particularly interested in letting everyone know it.

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